I ship them so hard no one can ever change my mind. They are my ultimate OTP. I have never in my life hardcore shipped like I have with them.
Lulu wants Xiumin and I support that. No questions asked.
I LOVE SASS. I LOVE TROLLS. Put them together and you get my third OTP. I know with these two there will never be a dull moment.
Baekhyun likes butts. Especially Sehun's butt. That is all.

Chanyeol control your face please…

jongin's red eyes

Kai stans: you kinda want to cuddle him but at the same time you want to do very inappropriate things with him
Tao stans: you're never really sure who to ship him with because there are SO MANY CHOICES. also, second hand embarrassment
Sehun stans: 90% of the time you want to smack him in the face
Suho stans: MUCH SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT. and the occasional UNF moment
Lay stans: 90% of them time you want to wrap him in a cocoon of blankets and feed him yummy things
D.O stans: confused if he's the spawn of satan or a cute squishy. usually you think he's both (but the spawn of satan is stronger)
Kris stans: ULTIMATE SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT. but also many moments that melt your heart
Baekhyun stans: you little turd .____.
Chanyeol stans: 50% YES I WOULD BANG 50% OTL
Chen stans: much troll. very much like Jongdae. also wants to smack him in the face.
Luhan stans: our little deer :3 /The Lost Planet solo happens/ I cannot live life anymore ToT
Xiumin stans: #xiuharem2k14

TLP shanghai backstage; kim jongin

chanyeol’s never ending confidence about his looks + the members’ reactions.

Sexiness Overload || [D-1] EXO’s First Anniversary


161/500 b&w edit of Park Chanyeol.

Am i crazy or falling in love?

Chanyeol as your friend

for parkchny

jongin, those are not drums...

JB’s message for Jackson